St Mary Newhouse
St Mary Newhouse

St Mary’s Newhouse, Station Lane, Barton, Preston PR3 5DY

Priest: Fr. Ernest Attah and Fr. Mario Ashuikeka

Parish Sisters: Sr. Maria Dee and Sr. Shienrose

Tel: 01772 862437/862831 or 07934 222978



Primary School: St. Mary and St. Andrew’s

Tel: 862335;


Newhouse News

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time                                            24th Oct 2021




Mass Times and Intentions


Saturday 23rd Oct



Aldric Edwin Brooks (Anniv.)

Sunday 24th Oct

(30th Sunday in O.T.)



Tonya Connors






Christina Herbert (Anniv.)

Mon 25th Oct









Tue 26th Oct







Wed 27th Oct



The deceased benefactors

Thu 28th Oct




Friday 29th Oct







Saturday 30th Oct




Sunday 31st Oct

(All Saints Day)

8.45am OLSE George Brewer (Anniv.)



Bernard Jones (Anniv.)


At St Mary’s Newhouse, there is Mass on Sundays (10:30 am) and Wednesdays (7:00 pm).  Mass is usually celebrated by Fr. Bob on other days at 9:30 am, but it is advisable to phone and check the day before, please, on 862831.


FERNYHALGH MASS SCHEDULE- Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays @ 9:00 am,  Wednesdays & Sundays @ 10:00 am.  


CONFESSION available at Our Lady & St Edward’s  – every Saturday 10:00-10:30 a.m.

                                         at St Mary’s Newhouse  – every Saturday 10:00 a.m.




To book for OLSE mass please call:

Dierdre 6pm Sat. - 863084

Sheila 8:45am Sun.- 861073


To book for SMN mass please call:

Michaela 10:30 Sun.- 860940


Thank you



Please take the mass sheets and newsletter home with you.  Also, please could you let Michaela know if you don’t need your reserved seat any specific week. We have had quite a few people not attending recently and could re-allocate their seat.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Please, would parishioners who would like a mass intention hand their request directly to Fr Bob, Sr Shienrose or Pauline.

Readings this Weekend 


Find Sunday and daily Readings on


This Sunday as follows:-

Jeremiah 31:7-9

Psalm 125(126)

Hebrews 5:1-6

Mark 10:46-52






“My teacher, let me see again.”


Some thoughts on today's scripture


Lord, I sometimes open my eyes in the morning, and do not notice the sunshine, the green of trees, the colours in my room, the warmth or sorrow in the faces around me. If I had been blind, like Bartimaeus in today's gospel, I would long to open my eyes and see all that is to be seen. I could not have enough of this light-filled world around me.

Give me a relish, Lord, for all that my eyes can take in: not the pre-selected shots of the TV screen, but the endlessly varied landscape and people escape that surrounds me. I pray with Bartimaeus: Master, let me receive my sight.


Adapted: Sacred Space

Please pray for the sick: Carmen Roca, Kevin Weardan, Sue O’Brien, Victoria Leighton, Ellie Rose, Joe McIntyre, John Riley, Jeanette Brock, Joe Kemp, David Cochrane, Geoffrey Clinning, Theresa Wilkinson, Jessica, Amanda, Monica, Bob Coar.

To have the name of a seriously sick person on the newsletter, please submit their name and yours with your phone number.



Today is World Mission Day Collection for APF Mission.


Next Sunday is All Saints Day, a Holyday of Obligation and Collection for the Sick & Retired Priests Fund.


Diary - Saints


26th – Sts Chad & Cedd, Bishops

28th – Sts Simon & Jude, Apostles, Feast

31st – ALL SAINTS DAY, Solemnity, Holy Day of Obligation

2nd November – ALL SOULS (Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed)





Thank you for your continuing generous support.

This week we need:

Long Life milk, toiletries, soup, tinned potatoes ,pasta and pasta sauce, tinned fruit, carnation milk, cake, biscuits, custard, and all usual items

Donations can be left either at the presbytery/convent or in the box at the front of 3 Marlborough Drive (directly opposite our church) Please contact 0777 943 6279 if you require us to collect goods you wish to donate. 


ALL SOULS DAY INDULGENCE: In addition to the usual conditions, a plenary indulgence, applicable to only one of the Holy Souls, can be gained by making a devout visit to a church or oratory where an Our Father & Creed are said.  The Indulgence can be gained on All Souls Day, the Sunday before or after, & All Saints Day, but only once.

CEMETERY INDULGENCE: In addition to the usual conditions, a plenary indulgence, applicable only to the Holy Souls, can be gained by a devout visit to a cemetery and praying there for the dead.

Envelopes for the Month of The Holy Souls are available at the church porch.


The next meeting of the OLSE Ladies Group will be on Thursday 28th October and will be a talk by Steve Molloy, a Preston barber called “From Behind the Chair.”
The meeting in the OLSE Parish Centre starts at 8.00 pm. Admission £2.00

£5.00 is also due for the hotpot which will be provided and served by Broadway Pantry after the Mass for deceased members on November 11th.

A £10.00 deposit is also due for members who are going to the Christmas meal at Garstang Country Club on Wednesday December 8th.



The OLSE Parish Centre

Bookings through James Gardner (07597 630244,

7-9pm only Mon-Fri). Everybody booking the hall will be required to assess the COVID risks and have suitable precautions to protect users. There is a form to complete. Contact Stephen Garsed (717376) for details.



A message from CAFOD: Thank you for supporting our Climate Crisis Appeal for our recent Family Fast Day. Every donation helps us in our work and is gratefully received.

Please pray for the success of the upcoming UN climate talks in Glasgow, COP26, from 31 October to 12 November. There are prayer cards at the back of church; please do take one and pray that that world leaders will put the needs of marginalised communities around the world, those most affected by climate change, right at the heart of these climate talks. For more information see


Prayer - May the Holy Spirit inspire all political leaders at COP26 and instil in them the courage and gentleness to implement fairer solutions for the most vulnerable.


CLOCKS GO BACK an hour next Saturday night, 30th October.


The Synod Process

What does ‘Synodality’ mean? Synodality comes from a Greek word meaning the ‘walking together’ (syn-) on a ‘particular way’ (-hodos). The ‘particular way’ has been defined by the Synod of Bishops in its process for the Synod 2023.


If the process is already defined, how do we ‘walk together’? Every member of the Church has the right to speak, and the obligation to allow those charged with the work of discernment the freedom to do so. Pope Francis in his book Let us Dream says “we need a respectful, mutual listening, free of ideology and predetermined agendas”. This is at the heart of the process. Each diocese will form its own means of running this listening process so that it reaches as broad a scope of people as possible.



'Click To Pray' 2.0 at the service of the synodal process

A new and updated version of the Pope’s prayer app helps the faithful pray for a synodal Church.

Please visit link:





ADVENT RETREAT // December 10-12 // Open retreat with streams for Young People aged 15+ and Young Adults aged 18-25.


THE CASTLERIGG LOTTERY // Your chance to support the youth service and maybe win a bit of money too.


RISE // Online Youth Group for Years 7-9. Every other Tuesday.


OVERFLOW // Online Youth Group for Young Adults aged 18-25. Every other Tuesday.


LARGE CATHOLIC FAMILY HOLIDAYS // Got a big family? Looking for a cheap holiday in the Lake District?


NORTHWEST CHILDREN AND YOUTH WORK THING // Large Ecumenical event for youth workers, May 2022

For more details please visit:



No License to Kill: 1,700 doctors and nurses refuse to take part if assisted suicide legalised

For more reading visit link: Care Not Killing -


St Joseph, pray for us.


The Pope’s Prayer Intention for October 2021

Missionary Disciples

We pray that every baptized person may be engaged in evangelization, available to the mission, by being witnesses of a life that has the flavour of the Gospel.



At this time

Dear Lord,

At this time of pandemic,

Let us foster respect and solidarity with others, especially those who are weak or poor.

Let us remain calm and ignore unsubstantiated rumours.

Let us take advantage of living together as a family.

Let us attend to moments of prayer.

Let us cultivate responsibility, patience and hope.


Prayer adapted from a radio message from Rodolfo Valenzuela Núñez, Bishop of La Verapaz, Guatemala


The Haydock Memorial

Informative videos can be found on St. Andrews, Cottam website (, including one which includes reference to the Haydock memorial at St. Mary's. See


For the latest Diocese information regarding Coronavirus, including details of prayers and special contrition/communion, please visit Lancaster Diocese Coronavirus advice


Visit:- to view all the different diocesan newspapers, including the Catholic Voice of Lancaster (

See Bishop Swarbrick's blog for recent Diocesan news, including his Lenten Pastoral Letter.

The Word of Mercy

Parish Clergy:

Fr. Ernest Attah (Priest in Charge) and 

Fr. Mario-Benedict Ashuikeka (assistant priest)

at St Mary's, Fernyhalgh

Telephone: mostly via the Sisters on 07934 222978 or 01772 862437

but also via Fernyhalgh parish on 01772 862231


Parish Sisters:

Sister Maria dee Lacson and 

Sister Sheinrose La Torre

belonging to congregation St. Paul of Chartres.

at The Convent (formerly OLSE presbytery).

Tel: 07934 222978 or 01772 862437 



Fr. Bob Horn:

at St Mary's, Newhouse

Telephone: 01772 862831





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