St Mary Newhouse
St Mary Newhouse

St Mary’s Newhouse, Station Lane, Barton, Preston PR3 5DY

Priest: Fr. Robert Horn

Tel: 01772 862437; Email: 


Primary School: St. Mary and St. Andrew’s

Tel: 862335;


Newhouse News

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time                      18th October 2020








Please ring 860940.  Ring Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday  between 9.00am and 5.30pm.


The booking person (Michaela) will need to know

  • each name and phone number  ( confidential ),
  • how many in our group (one, or a couple, or family),
  • if some disability affects where we need to sit.
  • Planning to come each week? No need to re-book, but please ring if you are unable to come, to release the seat for others.
  • You'll receive a seat number, to write down and bring with you. You report the number to the guardians (stewards) on arrival. They’ll show you to your seat.
  • Mask or other face-covering required. Please bring own.


IF YOU HAVE A SEAT BOOKED AT MASS,  BUT CAN’T ATTEND, please let the booking clerk know without delay. You could be giving someone else the chance.


AT MASS: No Bidding Prayers, no hymns, homily brief,  no offertory  procession, kneelers left up (it helps distancing). Communion: no chalice.


THE PARISH COLLECTION is received in a labelled bucket as you go out after Mass.

When there is a Special Collection as well, that will be in a 'SPECIAL COLLECTIONS' box/bucket also near the exit

That should avoid confusion! It avoids passing baskets from one person to another, and the danger of close proximity for the collectors.


An OLSE parishioner who attended Mass last weekend received on Monday a positive result following a routine workplace COVID test, but remains asymptomatic. They self-isolated and immediately notified the Mass-booking clerk. The parish Health and Safety team has looked into the case and consulted relevant authorities. They are satisfied that our safety precautions are robust. It is a timely reminder of why we have such stringent precautions to protect our parish family and the wider community. Please stay vigilant, particularly with regard to social distancing inside and outside church. Chatting in doorways is dangerous!



Saints' Days, Mass Times and Intentions


Sat 17th Oct

6pm OLSE

A family intention

Sunday 18th Oct

29th Sunday in Ord. Time

8.45am OLSE



10.30am St Mary's




All Parishioners


Robert and Petta Wilkinson (A)

Mon 9am at OLSE


For an anniversary

Tue 4pm at OLSE


Geoff Holden

Wed 7pm at SMN


George Walker (A)

Thu 9am at OLSE

John Paul II

Deceased benefactors of St Mary's parish

Fri 9am at OLSE


A lately deceased person

Sat 24th Oct

6pm OLSE


Cecilia Henshaw

Sunday 25th Oct

30th Sunday in Ord. Time

8.45am OLSE



10.30am St Mary's




All Parishioners


Christina Herbert (A)


Pre-booking required for weekend Masses at OLSE. For Saturday 6pm Mass, please ring 01772 863084; for Sunday Mass, please ring 01772 861073.


At Newhouse and OLSE no booking needed for weekday Masses. There's plenty of room in church and your Sunday seat number does not apply. Sit well-spaced from others.


Please remember in prayer our sick or housebound parishioners, and all who have died recently, or whose anniversary of death is about this time.


CONFESSION: Jesus died to bring us peace by forgiveness. Let’s be glad this sacrament exists, and receive it often!  Saturdays, 10am in OLSE church. Or ring 862437, to arrange.


COLLECTIONS:  For Sundays 27 Sept and 4 Oct, average £275.60, incl Banker’s Orders and Direct Banking. Collection for the Bishop’s admin fund  (secretarial expenses, office costs, travel etc)  £57.95.  Thank you all.


NEXT WEEKEND, the annual collection for the fund for sick and retired priests, please.


Readings this Weekend

GIVE TO GOD: Worship God. Keep the Commandments. Defend religious freedom and the independence of the Church. Follow conscience (if carefully informed) Seek and follow truth. Resist evil laws. Defend human rights (the image of God). 





Pay taxes. Obey just laws. Be an active citizen, Use one’s vote. Pray for those in authority. Politics properly conducted is a noble service


Does Sunday still feel different from other  days? It’s important to dedicate it to God with a family prayer time, specially set apart, for those who can't be at Mass.


The Rosary in October: Let’s say the Rosary each day of this month, at 8pm or whenever we can. So many things to ask Our Lady to help with. Anxious? Sad for so many people in trouble? Injustices? Our Mother in heaven knows. Ask her.


Catholic child in Year 6?  For Our Lady’s High School, please apply before 31st October. Go to website  and follow link.


PRISONS WEEK of prayer: 11-18 Oct. Recently you donated. Now please add a prayer per day: for all prisoners, their dependants, prison staffs, chaplains, national prison policy, prisoners with mental illness, young offenders, prisoner adult education, post-prison support.

Suggestion: focus on one point per day in prayer.



MISSIO, the Pope’s official charity,  enabling the Gospel to be preached where the people of the local Church are too few or to poor to contribute financially. Every parish in the world is asked to give to Missio on this day, according to its means. On behalf of the Pope,  Missio distributes the funds to over 1,000 bishops, some in places where the Church is new, like Mongolia.


Here I am , Lord.  Send me to share your love with all people; empower me to be courageous and enthusiastic in bearing faithful witness to the merciful Father, to the love of his Son, Jesus Christ, and to the divine life in the Holy Spirit, one God for ever and ever.    Amen. 


“Here I am, send me !”      

But maybe you just can’t go and mission ?

No, but anyone can send something of themselves in their daily prayer for the Gospel Mission, and in their donations. Struggling financially? Your prayer will produce a harvest.



-CASH in the boxes at the exit.

-CHEQUE, via parish but made out to MISSIO. (drop in boxes at exit,  or through parish  letterbox)

-PHONE MISSIO: 020 7821 9755

-BANK TRANSFER TO MISSIO, a/c name Missio, a/c no 10824230, sort code 16-00-16 and reference  WMS plus your postcode.


(Gift Aid wherever possible.)


RED BOX AT HOME?  Maybe you recently emptied it and sent proceeds to Missio.  If not,  please consider doing so this time. You can send the money to Missio by any of the methods shown above (“Ways of giving”). Thank you for helping to off-set the shortfall in mission money this year.



ST. MARY’S SUPPORT GROUP: If you’d like help yourself, or just a phone chat, or if you would like to contribute items to the Ingol food bank, but can’t bring it yourself, please ask Michaela, 07802 435561.


In our parish we ought to be thinking actively and together about how we can prepare to provide some significant help to the community in the stark difficulties that seem imminent.  It isn’t chiefly within our parish; it’s city-wide, and it’s not just a matter of the SVP, (they are too few in any case). It is much more than food-banks, valuable as they are. I urge you to be sharing thoughts on how we can begin to influence the future of society in our area (or even wider).  In particular we must lead in creating an atmosphere of respectful dialogue at all levels, and cooperation.


Please accompany our First Holy Communion families by your prayer, as they make their delayed preparation.  By the kind work of the catechists, Colette and Marie, the parents have notes to enable them to lead their children.   


We can celebrate BAPTISMS again, but with a very low limit on the number attending. There’s no guarantee it will change soon, so have faith and be glad to bring the sacraments to your children, even if the social side has to wait.

Pray for couples, too. Re-arranging the day gives an uncertain outlook. Why not have a quiet service (up to 15 people allowed, total), and keep the social celebration till later, including then a time in church in wedding clothes, photos etc? A faith choice.


Food Bank – Thank you for your constant help. There’s need of long-life milk,  & noodles, incl. pot noodles, tins of meat, jam, orange squash, tea bags, biscuits, soap, shampoo.  We can collect.  COVID-19.   0777 943  6279          Would you like to bring items and place them in the crate in the porch, as before? They can be sanitized here before handling.  


FACE-MASKS: Pauline Noblet is making them, £2 only, just to cover cost.  A variety of colours and patterns available, including a limited number with a seasonal theme. Also crochet extensions or ear protectors (50p) in a variety of colours to order.  Please ring Pauline on 01772 863423 or 07900 542337. 


A School Governor is  sought, for another parish.  Needs to be a fully practising Catholic. Can be working age, or retired. Professional skills welcome.  Please contact Fr. Bob 862437


“Saints, Scholars, Spiritual Masters.”         

 Online talks, 3rd Sept till 8th Dec.  Free.

To receive a link,  just  register at

or email:


THE JOY OF HOPE:  download a free CaFE online course for Advent.  Ring the CaFE team on 0845 050 9428 or email  It’s about a connection between the Greek Island of Patmos and our faith. (CaFE = Catholic Faith Exploration).


40 DAYS FOR LIFE: world-wide prayer at abortion clinics.  Please can you sign up to take a turn, to keep the prayer going through 40 days?  Started 25th Sept. at NUPAS PRESTON,  Kingsfold Medical Centre, Woodcroft Close, Penwortham PR1 9BX.        

Email:  or visit 


The Virus could be in anybody. To help find it and isolate it, those with more recent smart-phones first need to download the NHS Covid-19 App. Then on the church doors you find a poster at which you can point your phone and scan our QR code. The Bishop encourages parishes to make this available.  (No ‘pings’ = good news ! )


Official advice: “don’t put your phone nearer to the poster than you need to”   presumably to avoid contagion.


It is good to pray for everyone we hear about in the news, suffering from the virus, in their economy or their health, locally and all round the world, and for leaders. We need unity, harmony, compassion, care for the less able members of society, respectful dialogue amongst us.



Let’s say this daily, for all of humanity,

< Almighty, ever-living God, only support of our human weakness, look with compassion upon the sorrowful condition of your children, who suffer because of this pandemic;  relieve the pain of the sick, give strength to those who care for them, welcome into your peace those who have died, and, through this time of tribulation, grant that we may all find comfort in your merciful love. Through Christ our Lord. >


The Pope’s Prayer intention for OCTBER 2020

The Laity's Mission in the Church: We pray that by the virtue of baptism, the laity, especially women, may participate more in areas of responsibility in the Church.






November Lists


In these rather strange times I am still going to put out the stand and display with the book of lists for remembering loved ones - family, relatives, friends or colleagues no longer with us.

For this year only (we hope only) please would you put the list into an envelope of your own, and return it to church by October 24th so that I can leave them untouched for the necessary 72 hours before dealing with them. Late arrivals would be included but not immediately.

There will be a box in the Church Porch on a Sunday for you to put them in or push them through the presbytery letter box if you are passing.

If you would like a special Mass saying during November please let Fr Bob have the information and offering in plenty of time - Fr does say a Mass for all those in the lists during the month.

Thank you,

Pauline Noblet.

For the latest Diocese information regarding Coronavirus, including details of prayers and special contrition/communion, please visit Lancaster Diocese Coronavirus advice


Visit:- to view all the different diocesan newspapers, incl. the Catholic Voice of Lancaster.  

See Bishop Swarbrick's blog for recent Diocesan news.

The Word of Mercy


Fr. Robert Horn, Parish Priest

at St Mary Newhouse Presbytery,

Station Lane, Barton, Preston


Telephone: 01772 862437



Our Lady & St Edward's Presbytery, 4 Marlborough Drive, Fulwood, Preston PR2 9UE 
Telephone: 01772 862437


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Friday of week 29 in Ordinary Time, or Saint John of Capistrano, Priest
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