St Mary Newhouse
St Mary Newhouse


St Mary’s Newhouse, Station Lane, Barton, Preston PR3 5DY

Priest: Fr. Robert Horn

Tel: 01772 862437; Email: 


Primary School: St. Mary and St. Andrew’s

Tel: 862335;


Newhouse News

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time                 9th August 2020











Please ring 860940.  Ring Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday  between 9.00am and 5.30pm.


The booking person (Michaela) will need to know

  • each name and phone number  ( confidential ),
  • how many in our group (one, or a couple, or family),
  • if some disability affects where we need to sit.
  • whether we are planning to come each week, (When a regular pattern emerges, we’d hope to be able to do without booking. )
  • approx. time of arrival (to avoid crowding and delay at the entrance).
  • We receive a seat number, which we write down and bring with us. We report the number to the guardians (stewards) on arrival. They’ll show us to  the seat.
  • Mask or other face-covering required. Please bring own.


RING again, please, for next Sunday. Eventually we’ll establish a pattern,  to avoid having to re-book.

Sadly, booking seats is necessary for now, so that we know we have the right minimum space between people.


DO I HAVE TO BOOK? Sorry, but yes (for weekend Mass only).  There might not be a seat for you and there’d be delays. Allocating people to specific seats prevents crowding, keeps safe distance, avoids disappointment.


FACE-COVERING (mask, etc).  Please bring your own. (We’ll have some, but it takes ages if everyone has to find and fit one).  No need to bring wipes, but to help clean after Mass ring Michaela 860940.


AT MASS: No Bidding Prayers, no hymns, homily brief,  no offertory  procession, kneelers left up (it helps distancing). Communion: no chalice.


THE COLLECTION AT MASS will be received as people are leaving, at the exit. There will be a labelled bucket.  It avoids passing baskets from one person to another, and the danger of close proximity for the collectors.



  1. Physical distance, including at entrances and exits.
  2. Better not to chat in church:  speech sends droplets outwards
  3. Bring own face mask, please - and thank you.
  4. Hand-sanitize well, but touch as few surfaces as possible
  5. Please maintain distancing outside church, and in car park.
  6. Not to come if feeling unwell, or recently lost sense of smell, or live with a virus sufferer.   Thank you, all, you’re great!

Benches are cleaned after Mass. Thank you, generous stewards...


OBLIGED TO ATTEND? No, the obligation is suspended for now. If we feel too nervous about church, we can continue to have prayer-times at home and/or attend weekday Mass, with fewer people. 


PATIENCE, PERSEVERANCE, self-discipline, care for neighbour, these and more are needed. We get lax about chatting at close quarters, get weary of hand-washing & masks. Young people don’t see the point – can we help them view it as love of neighbour? 


Mass intentions


Sat 8th Aug 6pm


Carol Moss (L.D.)

Sunday 9th Aug 8.45am at OLSE

19th Sunday in Ord Time


10.30am St. Mary's


Mary Mckeown (L.D.)



All Parishioners

Mon 9am at OLSE

Feast: St. Lawrence, deacon and martyr

Special Intention (F.)

Tue 4pm at OLSE

Feast: St. Clare

Mary Bamber

Wed 7pm at SMN


Thu 9am at OLSE


Fri 9am

Feast: St. Maximillian Kolbe


Sat 15th Aug

6pm OLSE

John Latham (L.D.)

Sunday 16th Aug

8.45am OLSE

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


10.30am St Mary's

Barbara Moore (T's birthday)






All Parishioners


Mass will be celebrated at OLSE each day; pre-booking required for weekend Masses. See OLSE website/newsletter for requirements when attending any Mass at OLSE :

At OLSE, weekdays no booking, but for Saturday 6pm Mass, please ring 863984  or    for Sunday 8.45am Mass please ring 861073.


Please remember in prayer our sick or housebound parishioners, and all who have died recently, or whose anniversary of death is about this time.


CONFESSION: will be available on Saturdays, 10.00am (or other time or day by phoning 862437 first). In Our Lady’s Chapel OLSE, where we can keep regulation distance, and either face-to-face or not, as you wish.


Courage! It is I!

Do not be afraid’.

(Matthew 14:30)



1 Kings 19\:9-13. Reach out to the Lord, Elijah, but let him show himself to you in the way he chooses.  

Romans 9:1-5. St. Paul, Jewish by birth and upbringing, is desperate to help the people of his race to find Christ. May God grant us true love for our Jewish brothers and sisters.

Mt 14:22-33 Do we ever step out of our comfort zone (our “boat” of safety), to respond to Jesus? Daring to try a religious vocation? Daring to make an apology & be reconciled with someone? Daring to do a radio phone-in to make a pro-life and pro-family statement?



Matthew 14:22-33:

Do we ever step out of our comfort zone (our “boat” of safety), to respond to Jesus? Daring to try a religious vocation? Daring to make an apology & be reconciled with someone? Daring to do a radio phone-in to make a pro-life and pro-family statement?


ST. MARY’S SUPPORT GROUP: If you’d like help yourself, or just a phone chat, or if you would like to contribute items to the Ingol food bank, but can’t bring it yourself, please ask Michaela, 07802 435561.


CATECHISTS very much needed, for helping to prepare people for their child’s baptism, for  marriage, for  1st Holy Communion, for Confirmation (adult as well as young), for helping adults become Catholics.   We have a few dedicated people,  but need more, to function properly. It involves  study and dedication. It is a beautiful way of thanking God for your own faith. The Church has just published a major document on catechising. We need to establish a study group. Please offer to join it.  862437

Thank you for a couple of responses. More needed.


REACHING OUT:  ADD MORE JOY. Shortly before the pandemic, our bishops said they hope that parishes will consider fresh ways for older people to experience more of the care and belonging that they want – that everyone wants. They ask: how can this community of disciples be joyfully creative and faithful,  in regard to the role and the needs  of the elderly in the parish and the neighbourhood?   Your ideas, please. 

Have a look at the free guide called  Reaching Out.

Go to    


Food Bank –Thank you for your kindnesses.  The need does not go away.

At the moment, particularly welcome are tinned meat, tinned fruit, tinned veg, tinned spaghetti, and sachets of coffee.  We’ll be glad to collect food if you ask:   COVID-19       0777 943  6279    They also request new socks, please, for all ages.


MISSIO and RED BOXES: Missionaries and the people they serve still rely on us. You can make sure the work does not collapse by emptying your box at home (you can re-seal it with a sticky label). Then you can send it to Missio by phone 020 7821 9755 in office hours, to pay by card.  OR Bank Transfer to Mission, sort code 16-00-16 acc. no 10824230, ref is RB plus your postcode. OR by a cheque to Missio-Mill Hill   OR online at   


FACE-MASKS: Pauline Noblet is making them. £2 only, just to cover cost.  Choose colour red or white or purple or patterned. Also crochet extensions or ear protectors (50p) in a variety of colours to order.  Please ring Pauline on 01772 863423 or 07900 542337. 


BEAVERS ? maybe join with a friend? Meetings  at OLSE, but for now weekly via Zoom.   Ages 6 – 8  Contact Ian on


THE CORONA VIRUS is disastrous, but perhaps even more in poorer countries, where Cafod works on our behalf. We can donate at: 

Or we can donate by phone 0303 303 3030

Or cheques made out to Cafod (not to the parish), and handed in at the parish. 

(Thank you, those who already have done.)


Pope Francis May the most vulnerable, living in every part of the world, not be abandoned. Let us ensure that they do not lack basic necessities.  


Alston Lane parish informs us that, due to Covid-19, their annual cemetery Mass will not be held this year.


BISHOP PAUL, is asking all who can to contribute via Banker’s Order or by Direct Banking -  which some of you have kindly adopted. The more who do so, the better.  We currently receive £108 per week this way.     Fr. Bob can supply forms  -  862437


PARISH COLLECTION;  please look for the bucket on your way out after Mass (but don’t kick it…!). We are reporting on the collection fortnightly at present.


Last weekend Mass count: 36.



Let’s say this daily, for all of humanity,

< Almighty, ever-living God, only support of our human weakness, look with compassion upon the sorrowful condition of your children, who suffer because of this pandemic;  relieve the pain of the sick, give strength to those who care for them, welcome into your peace those who have died, and, through this time of tribulation, grant that we may all find comfort in your merciful love. Through Christ our Lord. >


The Pope’s Prayer intention for AUGUST 2020

For The Maritime World:  “We pray for those who work and live from the sea, including sailors, fishermen, and their families.”


For the latest Diocese information regarding Coronavirus, including details of prayers and special contrition/communion, please visit Lancaster Diocese Coronavirus advice


Visit:- to view all the different diocesan newspapers, incl. the Catholic Voice of Lancaster.  

See Bishop Swarbrick's blog for recent Diocesan news.

The Word of Mercy


Fr. Robert Horn, Parish Priest

at St Mary Newhouse Presbytery,

Station Lane, Barton, Preston


Telephone: 01772 862437



Our Lady & St Edward's Presbytery, 4 Marlborough Drive, Fulwood, Preston PR2 9UE 
Telephone: 01772 862437


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