St Mary Newhouse
St Mary Newhouse

4St Mary’s Newhouse, Station Lane, Barton, Preston PR3 5DY

Priest: Fr. Robert Horn

Tel: 01772 862437; Email: 


Primary School: St. Mary and St. Andrew’s

Tel: 862335;


Newhouse News

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time                      20th September 2020








Please ring 860940.  Ring Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday  between 9.00am and 5.30pm.


The booking person (Michaela) will need to know

  • each name and phone number  ( confidential ),
  • how many in our group (one, or a couple, or family),
  • if some disability affects where we need to sit.
  • Planning to come each week? No need to re-book, but please ring if you are unable to come, to release the seat for others.
  • You'll receive a seat number, to write down and bring with you. You report the number to the guardians (stewards) on arrival. They’ll show you to your seat.
  • Mask or other face-covering required. Please bring own.


IF YOU HAVE A SEAT BOOKED AT MASS,  BUT CAN’T ATTEND, please let the booking clerk know without delay. You could be giving someone else the chance.


AT MASS: No Bidding Prayers, no hymns, homily brief,  no offertory  procession, kneelers left up (it helps distancing). Communion: no chalice.


THE PARISH COLLECTION is received in a labelled bucket as you go out after Mass.

When there is a Special Collection as well, that will be in a 'SPECIAL COLLECTIONS' box/bucket also near the exit

That should avoid confusion! It avoids passing baskets from one person to another, and the danger of close proximity for the collectors.


OBLIGED TO ATTEND? No, the obligation is suspended for now. If we feel too nervous about church, we can continue to have prayer-times at home and/or attend weekday Mass, with fewer people. 



Mass intentions


Sat 19th Sept

6pm OLSE

Alexander and Gertrude Noronha

Sunday 20th Sept

25th Sunday in Ord. Time


8.45am OLSE


10.30am St Mary's




Special Intention


The Swarbrick family

Mon 9am at OLSE

St. Matthew the Apostle, Gospel Writer

A deceased person

Tue at OLSE

No 4pm Mass this week


Funeral Mass: John Geoffrey Holden

Wed 7pm at SMN

St. Pius, (Padre Pio)


Thu 9am at OLSE

Our Lady of Walsingham

Mary Bamber, birthday remembrance

Fri 9am at OLSE


Margaret Ryan (L.D.)

Sat 26th Sept

6pm OLSE


Harry Malley (L.D.)

Sunday 27th Sept

26th Sunday in Ord. Time

8.45am OLSE



10.30am St Mary's




Mary Kay (A)


All Parishioners



Mass will be celebrated at OLSE each day; pre-booking required for weekend Masses. For Saturday 6pm Mass, please ring 01772 863084; for Sunday Mass, please ring 01772 861073.


At Newhouse and OLSE no booking needed for weekday Masses. There's plenty of room in church and your Sunday seat number does not apply. Sit well-spaced from others.


Please remember in prayer our sick or housebound parishioners, and all who have died recently, or whose anniversary of death is about this time.


CONFESSION: Jesus died to bring us peace by forgiveness. Let’s be glad this sacrament exists, and receive it often!  Saturdays, 10am in OLSE church. Or ring 862437, to arrange


Readings this Weekend


God's Generous Love


“Thus the last will be first, and the first, last.”

(Matthew 20:16)


A denarius was a day’s pay, meant to be enough to keep the family. The all-day workers were miffed to see others get the same for less than a day’s work, but the vineyard-owner had compassion; he did not want the others to go short. Jesus applies it to the Father’s concern for the salvation of all, including non-Jews (the “late-comers” in salvation history).


THIS WEEKEND (Sunday 20th) is “HOME MISSION SUNDAY”. Spreading the faith in our own land ( =”Home” Mission), leading people’s hearts back to Jesus.  Every reason for a weekend of prayer, and for the SPECIAL COLLECTION for Mission in this country. (A few parishioners have already donated by envelope.)


THE NEXT SPECIAL COLLECTION will be for the Holy Places and Holy Land Christians, 4th Oct. Postponed from Good Friday, when we were in lockdown. You have envelopes (from early April).


Cafod HARVEST FAST DAY will be Friday 9th Oct.  Envelopes to come.


Our primary school has a vacancy for the post of Deputy Headteacher. Could this be you or someone you know? See


Our school of St. Mary and St. Andrew:  

OPEN DAY, 7th October.  For parents with a child due to start school in September 2021. Please phone the school on 01772 862335to have a 1:1 phone or zoom appointment with Mrs. Sarah Roach, our headteacher, who is looking forward to talking to you.


Catholic child in Year 6?  For Our Lady’s High School, please apply before 31st October. Go to website  and follow link.


ST. MARY’S SUPPORT GROUP: If you’d like help yourself, or just a phone chat, or if you would like to contribute items to the Ingol food bank, but can’t bring it yourself, please ask Michaela, 07802 435561.


CONFIRMATION: Bishop Paul has decided that all such gatherings will have to be postponed “for the foreseeable future”. Please pray for the children involved, and their families, that all may hold on to a strong desire for this Sacrament, whenever it can be.  But we are working to complete First Holy Communion, though not in usual big-group fashion.



Season of Creation 1st Sept – 4th Oct.  Time to pray more deeply, asking God to show us what we need to do as individuals, and as households, as parish, as local community, as nation, to treat the environment better, to protect wild-life. to conserve resources for future generations. It’s a challenge, but meeting any challenge is exciting.

On 4th Oct our Mass will have a Creation theme.  I suggest we  bring to the Mass a note of a climate-friendly resolution we’ve made. For hygiene reasons we don’t take it out of our pocket, but we think of it and make our mental promise to God about it as we pray. 

Other ways to mark this time?



CATECHISTS very much needed, for helping to prepare people for their child’s baptism, for  marriage, for  1st Holy Communion, for Confirmation (adult as well as young), for helping adults become Catholics.   We have a few dedicated people,  but need more, to function properly. It involves  study and dedication. It is a beautiful way of thanking God for your own faith. 

Thank you for a couple of responses. More needed. Ring Fr. Bob if interested.


REACHING OUT:  ADD MORE JOY. Shortly before the pandemic, our bishops said they hope that parishes will consider fresh ways for older people to experience more of the care and belonging that they want – that everyone wants. They ask: how can this community of disciples be joyfully creative and faithful,  in regard to the role and the needs  of the elderly in the parish and the neighbourhood?   Your ideas, please. 

Have a look at the free guide called  Reaching Out.

Go to    


Food Bank –  The need persists.. Perhaps next week some could add toilet rolls & disposable nappies (sizes 4 & 5), please? If you’re offering items and want us to collect, we’ll be glad to.  

COVID-19   0777 943  6279     Would you like to bring items and place them in the crate in the porch, as before? They can be sanitized here before handling.    


MISSIO and RED BOXES: Missionaries and the people they serve still rely on us. You can make sure the work does not collapse by emptying your box at home (you can re-seal it with a sticky label). Then you can send it to Missio by phone 020 7821 9755 in office hours, to pay by card.  OR Bank Transfer to Mission, sort code 16-00-16 acc. no 10824230, ref is RB plus your postcode. OR by a cheque to Missio-Mill Hill   OR online at 

We have spare red boxes - just ask. 


FACE-MASKS: Pauline Noblet is making them, £2 only, just to cover cost.  A variety of colours and patterns available, including a limited number with a seasonal theme. Also crochet extensions or ear protectors (50p) in a variety of colours to order.  Please ring Pauline on 01772 863423 or 07900 542337. 


40 DAYS FOR LIFE: world-wide movement that prays at abortion clinics, to save even one unborn life.

Asking people to sign up to take turns, to keep the prayer going through 40 days, starting 25th Sept. at NUPAS PRESTON,  Kingsfold Medical Centre, Woodcroft Close, Penwortham PR1 9BX.                Email:                      

or look at You sign in (creating an account if you don’t have one) and you’re able to see the calendar and choose dates/times you would like to cover.

The power of prayer.  


A 12-month subscription to the digital-only form of the paper “Catholic Universe” is available for only £20 until 30th September.


COVENANT BOOKS at Ingol has items suitable for Confirmation, Holy Communion, Baptism. Details from Pauline Noblet.


THE CORONA VIRUS is disastrous, but perhaps even more in poorer countries, where Cafod works on our behalf. We can donate at: 

Or we can donate by phone 0303 303 3030

Or cheques made out to Cafod (not to the parish), and handed in at the parish. 

(Thank you, those who already have done.)


WASH, FACE, SPACE: Thank you for being so accepting of the need for hand-sanitizing and face-covering.  Some who can’t stand masks wear visors instead. They seem to be approved and adaptable.

Keeping all the Covid rules can be tedious, but it’s charity towards our neighbour, as well as personal protection. Hand-sanitizing on entry, not touching anywhere unless we just can’t avoid it. Sitting exactly where we are allocated, keeping strict distance apart. Thank you, stewards/cleaners!


“Saints, Scholars, Spiritual Masters.”         

 Online talks, 3rd Sept till 8th Dec.  Free.

To receive a link,  just  register at

or email:


The virus isn’t going away. Instead of vainly wishing it would, or getting uptight over restrictions, let it turn our thoughts to God.  He is Lord, we are nothing without him, we depend utterly on him. It’s a good place to be, for he is Love. Let us entrust ourselves to his holy will, and consider how to respond thoroughly to him. 



Let’s say this daily, for all of humanity,

< Almighty, ever-living God, only support of our human weakness, look with compassion upon the sorrowful condition of your children, who suffer because of this pandemic;  relieve the pain of the sick, give strength to those who care for them, welcome into your peace those who have died, and, through this time of tribulation, grant that we may all find comfort in your merciful love. Through Christ our Lord. >


The Pope’s Prayer intention for SEPTEMBER 2020

Respect for the planet’s resources:  “We pray that the planet’s resources may not be plundered, but share in a just and respectful manner.”


For the latest Diocese information regarding Coronavirus, including details of prayers and special contrition/communion, please visit Lancaster Diocese Coronavirus advice


Visit:- to view all the different diocesan newspapers, incl. the Catholic Voice of Lancaster.  

See Bishop Swarbrick's blog for recent Diocesan news.

The Word of Mercy


Fr. Robert Horn, Parish Priest

at St Mary Newhouse Presbytery,

Station Lane, Barton, Preston


Telephone: 01772 862437



Our Lady & St Edward's Presbytery, 4 Marlborough Drive, Fulwood, Preston PR2 9UE 
Telephone: 01772 862437


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